Switching From Android To iPhone - 7 Factors You Should Know

Switching From Android To iPhone - 7 Factors You Should Know

People typically have to choose between two of the most popular operating systems when they purchase a new phone. Here are seven compelling reasons to switch from an Android phone to an iPhone.

1. Keeping information secure

Keeping information secure

Companies that protect information all agree that Apple devices are safer than Android devices. Forbes says that 97 percent of malware for smartphones is made for Android phones.

Malware and viruses often come from app stores and end up on Android phones. Apple's App Store has fewer apps than the app store for Android phones, but that's not the most important thing about app stores. Apple is very picky about which app developers can join the Apple ecosystem, which is a network of devices, apps, and app developers. It's almost impossible to get apps that have malware into the App Store.

Google Play, on the other hand, is a free place where anyone can show off their apps and which is supported by ads. Android also lets users instal apps from places other than the Google Play store. This makes it impossible to keep an eye on apps that might have malware or viruses.

Not only does the app store pose a security risk, but so do operating systems that haven't been updated. Google's operating system is used by many phone makers, but not all of them get the updates at the same time. This leaves them open to huge security risks. Apple is the only company that makes iOS devices, so the problem isn't there.

2. Apple's system of products

In the past few years, Apple has made a lot more products. The company used to only make computers, but now they also make music players, tablet computers, and smart watches. Today, Apple sells and offers services for a wide range of needs.

The devices work together easily and without a hitch. You don't have to download or install separate apps to link them together. Just using the same Apple ID on each device is enough. All of the devices can share photos, emails, notes, and calendars. You also don't have to pay twice for apps, movies, or books because you can find them on all of your devices.

The user is also safe because the ecosystem is closed. When devices, users, manufacturers, and app developers are all part of the same ecosystem, the operating environment is safe.

When it comes to Android phones, things are different. Several different companies make phones and tablets that use the same operating system. This makes it hard to guarantee a safe ecosystem and make it easy to use all of the devices together.

3. Simple to use

Simple to use

People know that Apple phones are easy to use. Their ease of use comes from the fact that all apps can be started from the home screen. For example, all the settings can be found in one menu. Even if you upgrade to the newest iPhone model, the operating system will still work the same way, and it will be easy to use.

An Android phone can be changed and customised in many ways, but its basic features are much harder to understand and use than those of an iOS phone. If you want a basic smartphone that is easy to use and works well, an iPhone is the obvious choice.

4. Start with the best apps

Start with the best apps

The best and highest quality app developers still prefer Apple. Most apps start out in Apple's App Store, where they are available much sooner than in the Google Play store for Android phones. Some of the most popular apps in recent years, like Super Mario Run and Snapchat, have done this.

Some apps might never come out for Android phones at all. Because there are so many different kinds of Android phones, it's much harder for app developers to make games and apps for them. They have to take into account many of the phones' unique features. The way the App Store makes money also helps developers make better apps, which means that iPhone users will always be able to get safe and useful apps in the future.

5. The Apple Pay system

The Apple Pay system

Apple Pay is Apple's payment service that lets you use your phone to pay with a credit or debit card. Putting the phone next to the card reader is the same as putting a plastic card next to the card reader to pay. Face ID, Touch ID, or the phone's pass-code can be used to protect the card. This keeps your payment information safe.

Apple Pay can also be used to buy things in apps. It couldn't be easier to book a hotel room, buy clothes, or order a pizza. Google Pay is not yet available in many countries, so people who want a simple and easy way to pay with their phones should get an iPhone.

6. Sharing with family

Apple's iPhone is a good choice for kids, especially if everyone else in the family has an Apple phone or device. Parents can easily keep track of what their kids are doing on their phones, so it is safe for them to use them. In a previous blog post, we talked about why the iPhone is a good first phone for a child.

Family Sharing from Apple makes life easier for families. Up to six people in the same family can do things like buy music, movies, or apps together and share photo albums, calendars, and reminders. With Family Sharing, there's no chance that kids will download apps that aren't appropriate or that cost money, because parents can check out their kids' apps first.

When kids start going to school on their own, for example, parents can use the "Find My Friends" feature to keep track of their route.

7. iPhones still have value

iPhones still have value

Since new smartphone models with cool features come out all the time, people are always wanting to upgrade to newer models. When people stop using their phones and get a new one, they often want to get the best price for their still-working old phone.

Android phones lose their value much more quickly than Apple phones do. The fact that iPhones are made of high-quality materials goes a long way toward keeping their value when they are sold again. Apple phones also stay the best and most up-to-date longer because there is only one company that makes them and they don't release new and better phones as often as Android phones do.

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