Baseus Stable Gravitational Car Mount Lite Air Vent - Black


Baseus Stable Gravitational Car Mount Lite Air Vent - Black

SKU / MPN: SUWX010001
UPC / EAN / GTIN: 6932172616830

A solid gravity phone holder from Baseus is an accessory that will be appreciated by demanding drivers. The SUWX010001 model has an improved mounting system in the air discharge grille . Thanks to it you can easily mount it in your car, and the whole structure will be much more stable than in the case of holders with a standard system. This telephone holder is furthermore characterized by a precise gravity mechanism . So it is extremely durable and very easy to use . All you need to do is put the phone on the panel and the jaws will automatically clamp with optimal force, effectively keeping the phone in a stable position.


  • You can operate it with one hand - the handle has a precise gravity mechanism. All you need to do is put the phone on the holder panel and the jaws will tighten automatically
  • Your phone will be completely safe while driving - the grip jaws have been appropriately profiled. They also have rubber pads to prevent the phone from scratching and accidentally slipping. So you can overcome difficult routes and sharp turns without any worries
  • You can easily mount the holder in your car - the SUWX010005 model will be mounted in the air vent of your car. Thanks to the functional, improved fastening system, the entire process is very smooth and comfortable, and the entire structure maintains stability, no matter what the circumstances
  • You will gain a solid accessory - the Baseus handle is made of high quality materials. So it is durable and extremely resistant to mechanical damage, and its structure does not creak, as is the case with budget handles. It will certainly serve you for a long time, fulfilling its functionality.


  • Brand: Baseus
  • Model: SUWX010001
  • Material: ABS + silicone
  • Type of mechanism : gravity
  • Fixing point: air supply grille
  • Color: Black
Barcode: 6932172616830

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