Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones - A comparison of the Nokia 2660 and modern smartphones.

Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones


The Nokia 2660 phone was a really popular phone back in the day, known for its simplicity and reliability. However, as technology has advanced, smartphones have become more popular, but there are people who currently still use the iconic Nokia 2660. There are still many people, especially our senior citizens uses the Nokia 2660. It is still interesting to compare the features of the Nokia 2660 to those of modern smartphones. In this article, we will compare the key features of the Nokia 2660 to those modern smartphones. We'll explore the design and build quality, display and screen size, camera and photography capabilities, performance and processing power, battery life and charging capabilities, and connectivity and networking options.

Features of the Nokia 2660

The Nokia 2660 flip phone was released in 2007 and was considered a great phone at the time. It was a compact flip phone that was known for its durability and long battery life. And now Nokia has launched the iconic Nokia 2660 again in 2022 with the same design but with a new style. The design is basic and direct, with a small screen on the front and a numeric keypad under. It has a  display of 2.8-inch with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It also has a rear camera of 0.3 MP, Bluetooth 4.2, 3.5mm headphone jack, micro USB, removable battery, It also has 48 MB Ram with internal storage 128 MB which can increase to 32 GB with MicroSD card.

The Nokia 2660 is not a a smartphone. Hence, it  is has very limited features. We cannot use WIFI, third-party apps or GPS. Additionally, it has a calculator, calendar and alarm clock which is quite useful for everyday life.

Features of modern smartphones

Since the Nokia 2660, modern cellphones have advanced significantly. They are far more advanced and have several features that increase their adaptability and usefulness. They have more storage, better cameras, stronger CPUs, and bigger displays. Additionally, they give latest communication options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE. The majority of contemporary smartphones also utilise cutting-edge operating systems like iOS and Android, which provide a large selection of apps.

Modern smartphones offer advanced options like voice assistants, fingerprint scanners, and facial recognition that were not present on the Nokia 2660. Additionally, they include advanced camera functions that capture excellent photographs and movies, including portrait mode, night mode, and optical zoom. Additionally, today's smartphones have elegant displays.

Comparison of design and build quality of Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones

Nokia 2660 has a small display on the front and a keypad with numbers below, features a straightforward and reliable design. It is a flip phone, which makes it easy to carry around and protected the screen from scratches and damage. However, everyone wouldn't like the design as it is not very stylish like modern smartphones.

Modern smartphones have more stylish and modern designs, with larger screens and thinner bezels. They have an expensive appearance and feel because they are built of high-quality materials like metal and glass. However, modern smartphones are also more fragile than the Nokia 2660, and they require protective cases to prevent damage.

Comparison of Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones display and screen size.

Nokia 2660 phone has a small 2.8 inch display with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The display is not very big in size as compare to modern smartphones.

The screens on modern smartphones are mostly larger, usually measuring from 5.5 inches to 6.7 inches or more. They also have higher resolutions, with some smartphones offering 4K displays. Additionally, the displays are quite brighter and more colorful, making them easy to use in any condition . It is also simpler to read text, look at photographs, and watch movies on a bigger screen.

Comparison of camera and photography capabilities of Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones

The Nokia 2660 has a 0.3 MP camera, which is good enough for taking quick snapshots, but may not produce high-quality images like modern smartphones. The camera does not have any modern features such as auto focus or wide angle.

Modern smartphones have much better cameras, with some offering multiple cameras on the back and front. They also have advanced features such as autofocus, optical zoom, and image stablization. Modern smartphones also have modern camera options such as portrait mode, night mode, and panorama mode, which give high quality pictures in any lighting conditions.

Comparison of performance and processing power of Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones

The Nokia 2660 is not a smartphone, so it does not have a lot of functioning power. It is a basic phone which is designed for making calls and sending texts. It did not have any modern features like multitasking or running more apps at the same time. Which makes it easy to use for elder people in our home.

Modern smartphones have much more functioning power than the Nokia 2660 , with some fast octa-core processors and 8GB or more of RAM. They can stand multitasking, running multiple apps at the same time, and playing high-quality games.

Comparison of battery life and charging capabilities of Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones

The Nokia 2660 is known for its huge battery life, with some users using the phone up to a week without charging it . The phone does not have any extra charging features , and it takes a long time to charge the battery.

Modern smartphones have advanced battery technology, with some offering fast charging and wireless charging capabilities. They also have larger batteries, which provide longer battery life than the Nokia 2660. Modern smartphones also have drawback more battery-intensive features, such as larger screens and advanced cameras, which can drain the battery faster.

Comparison of connectivity and networking options of Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones

The Nokia 2660 do not have any connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi or GPS. It relied on a 2G network for making calls and sending texts, which limited its functionality. But if you compare Nokia 2660 vs. Modern Smartphones you can see, Modern smartphones have modern day connectivity options, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G. New Generation mobiles can also connect to a wide range of devices, such as smart watches and Bluetooth headphones. Modern smartphones also offer advanced networking options, such as mobile hotspot and VPN.


In conclusion, the Nokia 2660 is a good phone, but it cannot compare to modern smartphones in terms of features and functions, but it can be a great and usable phone for elderly people. And those who are not much aware about technology and looking for phones which are easy to use. Or just want to lower their screen time and only want to attend important calls or messages. New Generation smartphones offer much more advanced features, such as larger screen , good cameras, faster processors, and more storage .

However, the Nokia 2660 still has some advantages over modern smart phones, such as its durable body and long battery life. It was also a simple and straightforward phone, which some users may prefer over the complexity of modern smartphones.

Ultimately, the choice between the Nokia 2660 and modern smartphones comes down to personal preference. If you value simplicity and durability, the Nokia 2660 may be the better choice for you. However, A modern smartphone is the best option if you want enhanced features and usefulness

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