iTongue Car Mount Holder / Smart Phone Stand - Black Tongue- Black Top


iTongue Car Mount Holder / Smart Phone Stand - Black Tongue- Black Top

SKU / MPN: black-tongue-black-top
UPC / EAN / GTIN: 889460000740

With iTongue the phone is resting on a flexible stand which allows the phone to sit in an angle. This allows screen of the phone to be more visible. The user can see the notifications and status of the phone without picking up the phone. Since the phone is more ergonomically positioned it is easier to operate the phone without picking it up. iTongue is perfect for watching videos on the phone. The stand allows both portrait and landscape views. The stand allows the easy viewing of movies and videos on your phone. The stand is solid and sturdy enough so there is no worry about tipping over or falling. iTongue is perfect for new smartphones. With iTongue acting as handle of the phone it allows easy One Hand operation of the phone without the risk of phone slipping out of your hand. iTongue gives leverage of securely holding the phone in one hand. iTongues unique stands allows the phone to be easily mounted on ANY car air vents and ANY cars CD slots in car stereos. Since there are no actual attachments to the car the placement of the phone on your car takes seconds. This simple yet innovative method of securing the phone on your vehicle is patented. iTongues stand is perfect when you are resting the phone on your shoulder. Because all of the smartphones are flat and thin you are straining your neck to rest the phone on your shoulder. With the stand of the iTongue deployed the phone easily rests on your shoulder for comfortable hands free operation of your phone.?

Barcode: 889460000740

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