Baseus High Density Braided USB-C to Lightning 20W Fast Charging Cable Cord 1M - Black


Baseus High Density Braided USB-C to Lightning 20W Fast Charging Cable Cord 1M - Black

UPC / EAN / GTIN: 6953156231917

Extremely fast Type-C – Lightning cable . It supports charging in the new Power Delivery 20W technology and 480Mbs data transmission.

The presented variety is characterized by durability and reliability. You don’t have to worry about kinks and many other related problems.

High-quality materials were used for the production of cables – aluminum and premium nylon. The connection points are carefully designed, there are no backlash and other shortcomings that you often encounter.

The cable is compatible with the new iPhone 12 and back charging standard.


  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with Lightning connector to your MacBook /MacBook Pro with USB-C ports for syncing and charging
  • PD 20W Large power (compatible with PD 18W), support fast charging and data transmission simultaneously
  • Reversible Type-C connector is easy to plug without checking the orientation
  • Upgrade braided wire, strong and flexible, anti-winding and no knotting
  • Length of the cable is 1m
  • Supports the new Power Delivery 20W iPhone fast charging protocol (backward compatible).
  • 480 Mbps data transmission thanks to which we can quickly transfer movies, documents, music or photos to our laptop.
  • The most critical point of each cable – connecting the cable with the plug, has been additionally reinforced to prevent cracking.
  • Abrasion and oxidation resistant plugs. Even after many connections, they will still plug into ports smoothly and securely.
  • The control chipset adjusts the current to the device and protects it from damage
Barcode: 6953156231917

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