Baseus 15W Wisdom Auto Alignment Car Mount Wireless Charger - Black


Baseus 15W Wisdom Auto Alignment Car Mount Wireless Charger - Black

SKU / MPN: CGZX000001
UPC / EAN / GTIN: 6932172605568

A strong car phone holder by Baseus is an accessory designed for demanding drivers. This model has a precise mechanism that automatically adjusts to the phone sizes 4.7 - 7.5 " . In addition, the holder also acts as an intelligent inductive charger . Thanks to a modern chip, it selects the charging power for a specific device. easy to use It is made of solid materials and you can easily install it in the air vent of your car.


  • You can conveniently operate it with one hand - the handle has an automatic mechanism. After putting down the phone, the jaws clamp with optimal force, adjusting their spacing to the width of the phone with a diagonal of 4.7 to 7.5 ". To release them, all you need to do is press the appropriate button
  • Your phone will be fully secured - the triangular clamping system makes the jaws firmly hold the phone in them. So you can be sure that it will not fall out accidentally, even when driving on uneven surfaces, taking sharp turns or sudden braking.
  • Smart charger for your services - the Baseus holder has a wireless charger function. Just connect it to a power source with a USB / USB-C cable. Thanks to the efficient induction coil and modern electronic components, it will automatically select the current parameters to the needs of the phone being charged and charge it instantly
  • It will provide you with comfort and increase safety while driving - thanks to the rotation and tilt function of the panel, you can set the phone at the angle that suits you, and in a convenient position - vertical or horizontal
  • You can easily mount it in your car - this holder has a solid mounting system. It is designed to fit most automotive air vents


A handle with a QI charger that can be operated with one hand

The automatic jaw clamping system makes handling the CGZX000001 child's play. All you need to do is put your phone on the panel and the arms of the holder will automatically adjust to the width of the device with a diagonal of 4.7 - 7.5 ". To take the phone out of the holder, simply press the button on the back of the holder.

Baseus Wisdom strong car holder

The triangular jaw clamping system ensures that the phone placed in the holder is properly secured. So it will retain full stability even when you are going through bumpy routes or even sharp turns. It will also not be afraid of sudden braking. So you can concentrate on the road without worrying that your phone will be damaged.

Baseus CGZX000001 fast QI induction charger

The Wisdom model is a car holder that also acts as an intelligent wireless charger. It is characterized by high efficiency and reliable operation. A powerful induction coil ensures optimal phone charging speed. A modern electronic system with an integrated chip controls the current parameters on an ongoing basis. As a result, the charging power in the 5W / 7.5W / 10W / 15W range is tailored to the requirements of a specific phone model.

Car holder with QI charger on the air vent

This sturdy phone holder is very easy to install. Thanks to the functional mounting system, you can easily embed it in the air vent of your car. It is a very practical solution, because the phone will not distract you from driving, limit your visibility or distract you. As a result, you will increase your comfort and safety behind the wheel.

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