Why You Should Always Have a Phone Case

Why You Should Always Have a Phone Case

Anytime someone purchases a brand-new smartphone, there is always the question of whether they purchase a protective case or not.

Even if you get a new phone every year, they are a pricy investment. New smartphones can cost over $1000, either out of pocket or as a charge on your cellular bill every month. When spending that much money on a new phone there is always the desire to skip spending the extra money on a case and showing your sleek new device to the world.

While that might seem like a good idea at the time, there is no guarantee that you will not break it the same day you get it. Accidents happen, phones can slip out of pockets, you can accidently drop it on the ground while juggling multiple items in your hands, you can trip and have it break, or you can have it fall in water among many unfortunate scenarios.

No matter what size, shape, or model phone, you can find a multitude of cases that will suit your needs. You can find cases that all have different colors, functions, or sizes.

If you are still on the fence about the need for a phone case, the following are 12 good reasons why a small investment on a case can save you time, money, and headaches.

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No Insurance or Extra Warranty

Purchasing a new phone costs a lot of money. When you get your phone, you will probably be asked if you would like to purchase the additional insurance or extended warranty that would cover any malfunctions or damage. These optional plans are often pricy initial purchases or recurring monthly charges.

Once you opt out of purchasing the extra protection, many phone manufacturers, carriers, or third-party protection plans will be unavailable to you, leaving you on the hook for any repairs for damage that you directly or indirectly caused. A good case for your phone can help prevent these costly repairs.

Protection Against Internal Damage

No matter how well you treat your phone, drops, bumps, or scrapes will happen. Even if you drop your phone on a carpeted floor, there is still risk for damage.

Smartphones, especially newer ones, are high-tech pieces of equipment that took a lot of engineering to put together. Phones have been getting smaller while adding in more intricate and expensive components. While unlikely, a small drop or bump could cause any soldering, chips, cables, or connectors to break.

Any case, big or small, will help protect against this. The material of the case will help absorb any shock done to your phone and protect its internal components.

Your Phone is Too Small, Thin, or Light

Phones have been getting thinner through the years. Compare the first iPhone to the newest model and the width difference is staggering.

These sleek phones are prone to sliding out of your pockets much easier than a thicker phone or a phone with a case. Some cases are made with rubberized material specifically so that they are easier to grip in your hands or stay in your pockets.

Another problem with thinner phones exists for people with large hands. While phones come in different screen sizes, they are still thin enough to be uncomfortable to hold if you have big hands. Adding a heftier case can add some width to your phone and make it more comfortable to hold, especially if you hold it over long periods of time.

Cracks or Scratches on Your Screen

One of the most annoying things that can happen to your phone is having a crack or scratch on your screen. No matter how strong phone manufactures claim their new screens are, most are still made of glass that is prone to breaking.

Unless you have a screen protector, getting small scratches on the screen is inevitable. Larger scratches or cracks from drops are not only annoying to look at, but depending on how bad the damage is, they can make the screen unreadable, unusable, or can even hurt your finger with chipped glass. Plus, a broken screen never looks good.

Unless you seriously crack the screen to the point where it is not just a simple fix, you can always take your phone to a repair shop and pay to get a new screen added. However, even with a new screen, unless you have a good case, there is nothing preventing that new screen from breaking as well. A good case will give a little extra protection around the edges of the screen so even if you drop your phone right on its face, the case will take the hit and not the screen.

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Protection Against Water Damage

Water is any electronics’ worst nightmare. We have all seen, heard, or possibly done ourselves the trick of putting a phone that was dropped in water into a bag of rice to help dry it out in the hopes that it may revive the phone again.

While the rice trick sometimes works, any water that gets into your phone’s internal compartments is a recipe for disaster. Even the slightest bit of water can corrode the phone’s silicon chips, transistors, or battery. When it gets to this point, your phone is almost not worth repairing, if it even can be.


Some newer phones claim to be “waterproof,” but if you read the fine print, it is only water resistant. There is a big difference between the two. While it may survive a glass of water being spilled on it, it may not survive you dropping it accidently in the pool or bathtub. To be sure your phone can survive any damage, cases from LifeProof and Catalyst offer ones that will protect your expensive phone against water.

Keep Out Dust

If you have been using a phone for a long time without a case, you might have noticed dust gathering in the small nooks and crannies of your phone. Especially with phones spending so much time in our pockets.

Dust and lint can easily get into the cracks along the side of the screen and work its way under the glass. Dust can also gather in the camera lens making your photos unable to focus and look blurry. It can also get into the headphone jack and damage the internal components of the phone. Just using the simplest of cases can help prevent some of this from happening, saving you from this minor annoyance.

It Hides Your Phone

We all use our phones every day and take them everywhere. Phones, like anything that gets used a lot over time, will show signs of wear and tear. This can include smudges, scratches, cracks, dents, dirt, and even stains.

If you have not been using a case on your phone, especially if you have been using the same phone for years or use it for work, odds are that it may look a little rough on the outside. You might also be someone who becomes a tad ashamed pulling out your phone in public or setting it on the table when out with friends or family. There is something you can do. Purchasing a new case can hide any unsightly blemishes your phone’s casing might be showing.


Just like fashion, phone cases for many people are another way to show off their personality.

Cases come in so many different colors and styles that no matter what mood you are in, you can find one that matches what you are looking for. Do you want to keep it traditional with a sleek, black case? There are seemingly an unlimited number of options available. Are you looking for a bright, neon pink, bedazzled case covered with crystals? You can find one that fits that description as well. With those two and everything in between, you can find any style case you can imagine.

Cases can also make a statement. They can show to others around you things that you are interested in. If you want to display to people your favorite band, movie, TV show, you can find one that suits your needs and can change it whenever you like.


A Portable Theater

So many people use phones to stream TV and movies or to make video calls. Whether you are on a video call at your desk at work, lying in bed at night binging your favorite show, or watching how-to videos while cooking or working around house, holding a phone for long periods of time can become uncomfortable.

Once again, a phone case can solve this problem. Some cases will come with a hidden kickstand on the back. With these cases, you can prop your phone on your desk, nightstand, kitchen table, or anywhere you plan on watching videos for a while making it much more comfortable and convenient for you and prevent you from giving your hand cramps.

Multi-Use Cases

Cases are not just for protection anymore. Some brands and model cases have multi-functions like a Swiss army knife. Some cases come equipped with anything you can possibly think of; credit card holders, money clips, key rings, screwdrivers, you name it.

If you are someone who needs to carry around a lot of tools in your pockets or do not want to deal with a wallet anymore, purchasing a multi-purpose case can solve many of your needs.

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Increase the Phone’s Re-sale Value

When many people upgrade their phone to the newest model, they elect to trade it in when upgrading towards the coast of the new phone or sell it to another third-party later for some extra money.

Many people do not realize that even if they think they may have taken great care of their phone and that it appears brand new, trade-in companies will often nitpick over the slightest blemish. Just one scratch, crack, or dent can knock hundreds off the value of the phone.

Protecting your phone with a quality case can pay for itself in the long run. A good case means a better-looking used phone which also means more money in your pocket when you are finished with it.

You Can Always Change It

One great thing about cases for your phone is that you can change them whenever you want.

If you are going to go hiking, you can get a tough, rugged case that can survive falling on rocks. If you are going to go to the beach or pool, you can then switch it to a more waterproof one.


An Extra Battery Pack

As your phone gets older, one of the first things you might notice is that your battery does not hold a charge as much as it used to. To make matters worse, some phones come with an internal battery that you cannot change yourself. This leaves you with the more expensive options of taking it to a repair shop and having it replaced or buying a new phone altogether.

Thankfully, some cases solve this problem as well. If your battery is starting to lose its' charge, or you are someone who drains their battery from using it a lot, some companies like Mophie offer cases that have a built-in battery. These cases keep your phone juiced up longer so you can extend the life of your phone. Cell phones are such an important part of everyday life.

We rely on them to keep up to date with the news, watch movies or shows, look up information, play video games, order food, get transportation, talk with our friends and family, work, or simply waste time.

They are so important and pricy to replace that it is a no-brainer to protect it with a case. Cases from companies like LifeProof, Catalyst, or Mophie among many others can help you in all the ways listed above and keep your cell phone live much longer.

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