Power Up Your Phone With Mophie: 10 Reasons To Buy A Mophie Case

The Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Mophie Case

Ask 100 people why they love their Mophie case, and you'll likely get 100 different answers. Before diving into the top reasons, it's best to start with a quick mention of what, exactly, the cases do and how they work.

The Case: What It Is and What It Does

In 2016, the then-independent company Mophie sent out a press release telling the world that it was selling to a much larger firm called ZAGG Inc., a well-known manufacturer and retailer of keyboard cases for tablets and high-quality screen protectors. After the deal was done, ZAGG become the sole owner of the Mophie brand name. So, what is a Mophie, as a stand-alone product that anyone can buy for their mobile phone?

It's a charging unit that is both simply designed and conveniently small. A sort of wrap-around shell for a phone, the cases have battery-indicator lights and a start/stop button so users can engage or disengage the function with push-button ease anytime they want. The cases come with their own batteries and are designed in such a way that they operate as efficient ways for consumers to carry a strong dose of backup charging power with them when they don't have access to standard electrical outlet.

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Why Purchase a Mophie Case?

The beauty of the Mophie phone case is that there are so many varieties to match dozens of different phone sizes and styles. Plus, the charging units offer versatility in operation, come in a variety of colors, are warranty-protected for buyers' peace of mind, and are affordably priced. Here's a brief list of the top reasons consumers all over the world keep opting for Mophie juice packs as the go-to source of backup power for their phones:

Wireless Charging is Available

It's easy enough to use a standard Mophie phone case that attaches directly to your phone. But, the product line also includes a wireless charging pad so you can place your phone, in its case, onto the pad and get no-connection juice instantly without having to plug your phone or the case into anything.

You Always Know the Battery Status

Every case has a series of indicator lights that tells you precisely how much electrical charging power is left in the case's battery. Unlike some of the product's competitors, users are never in the dark about whether their case needs a new shot of electricity or not.

The Convenience Factor is Unmatched

The primary selling point of the case is the convenience factor. Even though mobile phone tech has advanced quite a lot in the past couple decades, most consumers still balk at how quickly their phone's battery runs down, even with standard levels of use. The Mophie phone case has changed all that, offering many additional hours of power for on-the-go lifestyles and today's professionals whose jobs depend on a fully-charged mobile device.

Mophie Design is Sleek and Compact

It's not just about function. Mophie design focuses on offering sleek, slim, easy-to-carry units for your phones, no matter the make or model. Cases add a bit of bulk to a standard mobile phone but not so much that it's a bother.

They Come in Multiple Colors

For those who prefer to color-coordinate their telecommunications devices with their wardrobe or lifestyle, Mophies come in a variety of color options.

Impact Protection is Second to None

What some users really love the most, is that the power case acts as a second level of impact protection should you drop or sit on your phone. The company that manufactures and sells Mophie products, ZAGG Inc, has a long history of offering impact-resistant tech accessories to the public.Today's Mophies are not only good-looking and compact but extremely strong, durable, and solid.

Prices are Reasonable

Whether you're looking to purchase a standard phone-charging case, a wireless charging pad, or one of the many Mophie accessories, pricing is reasonable all across the product line. Considering how costly some of the early phone batteries were as stand-alone products, it's worth noting that these highly versatile charging cases are surprisingly economical and work for any budget.

Power is "On-Demand"

There's no need to keep the charging case on unless you need it. This on-demand feature means is a matter of pushing a button to kick your Mophie into action or turn it off. Considering that you can charge just about any phone with 50 percent of its total electric capacity in under a half-hour, it makes sense to click the unit on and off as needed.

The Case Warns You If Something's Wrong

What if something goes wrong, like a bad connection or a malfunctioning phone? No problem. The case is smart enough to know when things aren't right, and it will begin flashing its lights to warn you.

It's Possible To Charge the Case and Phone Simultaneously

Because there are dual ports on the unit, you can charge your phone and the case at the same time if you wish. And, if you place the phone on a wireless charging pad, the pad knows to charge your phone first and the case battery second.


Where to Go for a Mophie Charging Case

If you think a Mophie charging pack is the solution to your phone needs, check out the Personal Digital lineup of tech products and accessories. A Mophie can make a big difference in your lifestyle by offering long-term phone access and usage without the worry of running out of battery power, even if your typical day takes you far away from traditional power outlets like wall plugs.

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